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Mercury II 6000 Encoder

New Mercury II 6000 Series Encoders Set Benchmarks For Precise Nanometer Positioning, Compact Design & Affordability

Posted Date: 16th Mar 2011
Inmoco’s new Mercury II™ 6000 series of encoders from MicroE Systems’ sets new benchmarks for sensor size, resolution and accuracy. The sensor is only...
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O.P.S Optical Encoder Series

O.P.S. Optical Encoder series

Posted Date: 29th Aug 2012
A new series of affordable, high-precision, and customisable optical encoders is now available from INMOCO, the motion control technology and systems ...
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CTCopc OPC Server Software

Open communications server gives instant access to automation controllers

Posted Date: 25th Jun 2013
Motion control company Inmoco of Daventry has released CTCopc 2, a 32-bit Windows OPC server application that provides real-time client access to auto...
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Prodigy/ CME Motion Controller for CCTV

Pan and tilt cameras track miscreants better than ever

Posted Date: 18th Oct 2017
Security operators want their CCTV pan and tilt drives to be faster, quieter, smaller, smoother, and more accurate than ever; yet they need them to be...
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KCM Capacitor Modules

Power storage modules act as servo UPS

Posted Date: 01st Oct 2013
INMOCO has launched a series of power storage devices for use primarily with multi-axis servo motion systems.
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Magellan Motion Control IC's

Precision motion chips ideal for dedicated controllers

Posted Date: 02nd Dec 2015
Inmoco has announced an optional 'user-defined profile mode' feature on Magellan Motion Control ICs (integrated circuits or silicon chips), which prov...
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MC58113 Motion Control Chip

Programmable Motion Control Chips

Posted Date: 15th Jul 2015
New high-performance motion control ICs, suitable for applications such as medical equipment, scientific instruments, industrial automation and roboti...
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qMon App

qMon App Update Announced

Posted Date: 04th Feb 2013
An updated version of the qMon™ App is now available for the iPhone and iPad, providing handy access to the CTC 2700 and 5000 series automation contro...
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AKD-N Decentralised Drives

Reduce cabling by up to 80% with distributed servo drives

Posted Date: 28th Jan 2014
Reduced cabling requirements, smaller control cabinets, greater design freedom, lower machine complexity and higher OEE (overall equipment effectivene...
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Diakont Welding Gun Actuator

Resistance welders last up to five times longer with Diakont actuators

Posted Date: 20th Feb 2017
Daventry based motion control specialist INMOCO is introducing a new high-precision roller screw actuator to the UK, designed for incorporation into w...
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DA99 Roller Screw Actuator

Roller screw actuators bring increased reliability to heavy duty applications

Posted Date: 14th Oct 2016
Transferring proven technology from the nuclear industry to meet other highly demanding applications, Inmoco has introduced the DA99 linear roller scr...
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Micro Motion Absolute Encoders

Rotary Encoder establishes absolute position at Start-up

Posted Date: 17th May 2013
A newly-available absolute encoder technology platform from Inmoco establishes and confirms precise position data immediately after system power up.
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AKD-x04807 Servo Drive

Servo controller doubles power

Posted Date: 16th Apr 2015
Kollmorgen has extended the maximum output current of its AKD series of servo amplifiers, opening up new areas of application. Now the range goes up t...
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Servo motor with integral Ethernet interface can connect directly with CNC

Posted Date: 15th Mar 2016
A servo motor range with an Ethernet-based interface, the DRIVE-CLiQ versions of the Kollmorgen AKM series, is now available from Inmoco, the Daventry...
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AKM Motor with DRIVE-CLiQ feedback

Servo motor with integral Ethernet interface can connect directly with CNC

Posted Date: 15th Mar 2016
A servo motor range with an Ethernet-based interface, the DRIVE-CLiQ versions of the Kollmorgen AKM series, is now available from Inmoco, the Daventry...
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Pegasus Integrated Servo Motor and Drive

Servo technology is moving to a new paradigm

Posted Date: 04th Jul 2014
A long-standing engineers’ dream is to be able to assemble sophisticated, high-function, multi-axis servo systems from a kit of parts with no more dif...
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VLM Servo Motors

Servo users should not be seduced by power density alone

Posted Date: 14th Oct 2014
Servomotors are high-performance devices and represent all that is best in motor technology. Many engineers will feel a natural inclination to specify...
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Brushed Servo Motor

Servomotor range is rugged and high performance

Posted Date: 14th Nov 2012
Intelligent motion control specialist Inmoco of Daventry has announced the availability of a new range of servomotors, the M4-X series, which is a des...
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AKD-N Decentralised Servo Drives

Single cable, multi-axis servo systems gets more power

Posted Date: 07th Jan 2016
The performance of the Kollmorgen AKD-N multi-axis servo drive control system, available from Daventry-based motion specialists INMOCO, has been doubl...
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Optira Series Encoders

Smaller, smarter encoders

Posted Date: 19th May 2015
The MicroE Optira™ series of encoders from INMOCO of Daventry is redefining performance standards for its size class.
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The everyman guide to motion engineering

The everyman guide to motion engineering

Posted Date: 15th May 2018
Machine designers and specifiers increasingly have to look at creating motion control systems.
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Mercury II 6000 vacuum encoder

The new Mercury II™ 6000 series of micro encoders from MicroE Systems

Posted Date: 01st Oct 2011
Inmoco has launched a new version of its new Mercury II™ 6000 series of micro encoders from MicroE Systems, for use in vacuum environments
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Micro Tape Encoder

User-Friendly Compact Encoder gets New side Mount Option

Posted Date: 18th Feb 2014
The Micro Tape Encoder (MTE) range of encoders, available from Inmoco, now has a side mount fitting to complement the existing top mount option.
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Vacuum-rated encoders

Vacuum-rated Encoders

Posted Date: 22nd Dec 2014
The MicroE Systems Mercury™ and Mercury II™ vacuum encoders, available from INMOCO are smaller, of higher performance, faster to install,...
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Pro-Motion 5.0

Wizard Aids Easy Set-Up of Embedded Motion Controllers

Posted Date: 20th Aug 2013
A powerful new axis wizard that aids motion control programming is incorporated into an enhanced version of Performance Motion Devices’ (PMD’s) Pro-Mo...
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