DA140 Roller Screw Actuators


The DA140 Series electromechanical actuators (EMAs) comprise a roller screw integrated with a motor to provide superior performance in a compact space envelope.The design includes patented lubrication ports that support the actuator’s only maintenance requirements that allow relubrication without having to remove it from the customer’s machinery or disassemble the unit.

Diakont is a full-cycle engineering, manufacturing and service company that supplies advanced motion control solutions to enhance the outstanding lifetime, safety, economy
and efficiency of machines in many industries. The DA99 Series actuators leverage Diakont’s proven actuator designs to provide industry leading reliability, force and precision.

Key Features

• Continuous force: up to 36300N
• Nominal backlash: 0.1mm
• Lead accuracy: 0.025 mm/300mm
• Speed: up to 200 mm/s
• Integrated motor and roller screw
• Lubrication ports for easy maintenance without disassembly

State-of-the-Art Solutions

Diakont DA140 actuators incorporate state-of-the-art component designs to provide industry leading precision, power and reliability.

Advanced Roller Screw designs provide a high performance method for converting rotary torque into linear motion. With greater contact surface and a lack of backlash, Diakont’s advanced roller screws significantly exceed competitor solutions with higher reliability, lifetime, load capacity, tolerance to shock loads, absence of vibrations and efficiency output.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor designs provide the ultimate solution for providing exact accuracy in high dynamic/force motion, while delivering exceptional reliability. The motor’s rotating motion is transferred to the output shaft by a “direct drive” system.


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