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OMNI+ Frameless Motors

New frameless motor improves torque density and reduces cogging

Posted Date: 27th Apr 2021
Celera Motion has launched a new frameless motor that provides high torque density in a compact form factor, combined with smooth motion.
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Capitan Series Servo Drives

Ultra-compact, low profile servo drives deliver premium performance.

Posted Date: 23rd Mar 2021
Celera Motion has released a servo drive for your next generation applications that is ‘the smallest, most powerful servo drive in the world’.
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Aura™ series Absolute Optical Encoder

Absolute optical encoder gives feedback performance in a compact package

Posted Date: 25th Feb 2021
A new absolute encoder for PCB surface mounting has been released by Celera Motion, a business unit of Novanta. At just 9 x 7mm, the Aura™ Absolute En...
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Motion Control Goes Small

Miniaturisation in motion control means smaller, higher performing machines

Posted Date: 19th Jan 2021
As OEMs strive to develop ever more mobile and compact machines, the trend is forcing miniature motion control manufacturers to maintain pace.
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Electrak MD actuator

New range of compact actuators deliver high force

Posted Date: 17th Dec 2020
A new range of electric linear actuators provide high power density in a compact package.
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