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Juno® Torque Control ic

Ultra-compact high performance integrated circuits for torque control

Posted Date: 19th Feb 2019
Motion control experts INMOCO have available a new torque control IC (integrated circuit), designed for applications with limited space but which need...
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Juno® Step Motor Control IC

Stepper motor controller offers advanced performance and integrated safety

Posted Date: 15th Jan 2019
INMOCO makes available a new motor control integrated circuit that provides ultra-smooth, quiet motor operation, with advanced current control and saf...
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AKM2G Synchronous Servo Motors

New generation servomotors set to take machine and system performance to new heights

Posted Date: 12th Dec 2018
A step change in the performance capabilities of servo motors is set to open up significant new fields of application for machine and system builders....
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Closing the loop to keep your stepper in position

Closing the loop to keep your stepper in position

Posted Date: 20th Nov 2018
Stepper motors are a common solution for controlling the position of moving components, but in some cases can be inadequate since the motor position i...
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AKM2G Synchronous Servo Motor

Next generation servo motors boost torque by 30%

Posted Date: 06th Nov 2018
New from INMOCO is the next generation of servo motors made by Kollmorgen, offering industry leading performance with a compact footprint.
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