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M1200 and M1500P Encoder Systems

Achieve Smaller, Faster, Smarter Motion Control

Posted Date: 24th Oct 2012
Addressing the increasingly important miniaturisation trend in motion control, INMOCO has introduced Mercury 1200 and 1500P compact optical encoders t...
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ION Digital Drives

Advanced motion cards provide precise actuation on compact blood analyser

Posted Date: 17th Nov 2016
Advanced motion cards provide precise actuation on compact blood analyser
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Micro Tape Encoder

Breakthrough in Encoder Solutions

Posted Date: 28th Feb 2013
Inmoco has launched the MicroE Systems MTE series tape scale linear encoder product, a patented optical detector that offers the smallest sensor size ...
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DA Series Roller Screw Actuators

Compact actuators deliver quality and reliability for demanding applications

Posted Date: 10th Nov 2016
Inmoco has introduced a new range of high quality linear actuators which offer excellent performance, longer operational life, a compact design and ea...
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Diakont Aviation Actuator

Compact actuators improve aircraft motion systems

Posted Date: 25th Apr 2017
Inmoco has introduced a new range of compact and lightweight electromechanical actuators designed specifically to meet the requirements of aerospace a...
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AKMH hygienic stainless steel servo motor

Compact washdown motor offers superb performance

Posted Date: 06th Jun 2014
The new Kollmorgen AKMH stainless steel motors, available in the UK from INMOCO of Daventry, are designed for quick and easy cleaning CIP (clean-in-pl...
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BACnet/IP diagram

CTC Announce Native Support for BACnet/IP in 5300 Automation Controller

Posted Date: 25th Jan 2013
Control Technology Corp., a leading manufacturer of automation controllers that integrate motion control, I/O, user interfaces, and enterprise connect...
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CTC's EtherCAT MAster with Kollmorgen AKD Drives

CTC’s EtherCAT master combined with the Kollmorgen AKD servo drive form an unbeatable combination

Posted Date: 17th Feb 2014
CTC’s EtherCAT master combined with the Kollmorgen AKD servo drive form an unbeatable combination for ease of use and cost/performance.
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Kollmorgen Single Cable Solution

Digital resolver offers single cable connectivity

Posted Date: 12th Aug 2014
Kollmorgen has continued its drive to reduce the amount of cabling required within a servo motion system, with the launch of the SFD3 digital resolver...
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PC Series Precision Linear Actuators

Electric actuator optimises machine design and saves energy

Posted Date: 07th Apr 2014
The new Thomson PC electric actuator series, now available from INMOCO in Daventry, offers an alternative to pneumatic cylinders.
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O.P.S Series Encoder

Encoder offers value and performance plus flexible mounting

Posted Date: 11th Mar 2014
The MicroE Systems OPS range of encoders, available in the UK through Inmoco of Daventry, has been extended with the addition of a side mount sensor a...
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Veratus Series Encoders

Encoders are Smart and Reliable

Posted Date: 09th Jun 2015
INMOCO has added the MicroE Veratus™ Series to its range of rotary and linear encoders.
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Mercury II 6000 Series Encoder

Encoders step up to help miniaturise electronics

Posted Date: 27th Mar 2017
A tiny vacuum encoder is playing a big role in improving the throughput, quality and packing density of wire bonding machines, as used by manufacturer...
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5300 Controller with EtherCAT Module

EtherCAT master module enables high-speed, multi-vendor motion and control systems

Posted Date: 08th Jul 2013
INMOCO is to introduce an EtherCAT master module for use with the CTC 5300 Blue Fusion controller.
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AKD Servo Drive

Ethernet-Based AKD Servo Drives Deliver Highest Performance Across Widest Power Range, With GUI & Plug 'n' Play Flexibility

Posted Date: 08th Nov 2011
Inmoco, is extending its range of motion control products by offering Kollmorgen’s newly released Ethernet-based AKD digital servo drive.
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Magellan Motion Control Chipset

Expanding the horizons of motion control chips

Posted Date: 16th Aug 2017
Off-the-shelf motion control chips or integrated circuits (ICs) are highly flexible and can in fact be used to control many other types of system.
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Free App Puts Control of Automation Systems in the Palm of Your Hand

Free App Puts Control of Automation Systems in the Palm of Your Hand

Posted Date: 18th Jul 2012
A new App is now available for the iPhone and iPad, providing handy access to the CTC 2700 and 5000 series automation controllers, available in the UK...
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Electrak HD Heavy Duty Actuators

Heavy duty linear actuator has integral high performance controls

Posted Date: 15th Feb 2016
Electrak HD is a new superior performance linear actuator, developed by precision motion specialist Thomson Linear and available in the UK from INMOCO...
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Helicopter Active Flap Control Actuator

Helicopter actuators new to UK may also transfer to other applications

Posted Date: 19th Jun 2017
Leading motion control engineers INMOCO can now supply high performance, lightweight electromechanical actuators optimised for helicopters’ actuation ...
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High performance electric actuators

High performance electric actuators

Posted Date: 26th Jul 2016
The DA Series of electromechanical linear actuators, available in the UK through INMOCO is designed around an integrated motor and roller screw, a com...
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AKMH Hygienic Stainless Steel Synchronous Servo Motor

Hygienic motor range updated with new feedback and connector options

Posted Date: 17th Nov 2015
The Kollmorgen AKMH range of stainless steel servo motors has been enhanced with a host of new feedback device options and new connector options.
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Incentive™ Automation Software

Incentive™ family of automation software components for powerful and comprehensive control

Posted Date: 25th Jul 2017
Powerful custom-designed control systems can be designed and built with the Incentive series of automation software components, developed in the US by...
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AKM Low Voltage Servo Motor

INMOCO adds 24V options to AKM servomotor range

Posted Date: 13th Jul 2017
The benefits of permanent field servo technology - energy efficiency, durability, power density and overload capability - are now available to users o...
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XD Indexers

Inmoco Expands Indexer Family with Motion Features

Posted Date: 11th Sep 2013
INMOCO’s XD Series Indexer servo drive family, manufactured by ORMEC Systems Corp. in Rochester New York, has been enhanced with an expanded I/O capab...
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AKD Basic Programmable Drive

Inmoco goes back to BASIC with new programmable servodrive.

Posted Date: 22nd Apr 2013
The new AKD BASIC Series of servodrives has a built-in machine and motion controller that can be programmed in BASIC, and does away with the need for ...
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Hygienic Motor/ Gear solution

INMOCO introduces hygienic motor-gear combination

Posted Date: 05th Sep 2014
Newly available from INMOCO is an updated version of the Kollmorgen AKM food grade servomotor, which combines a high-performance gear-motor and effici...
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AquaTrue Planetary Gearhead

Inmoco Introduces Stainless Steel Precision Planetary Gearheads For Arduous Hygiene- Critical Applications

Posted Date: 27th Jul 2011
Inmoco has expanded its Thomson range of precision planetary gearheads with the introduction of the Micron® AquaTRUE™ Planetary gearhead.
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AKM Washdown Duty Synchronous Servo Motor

Inmoco launches KOLLMORGEN safety feedback option

Posted Date: 20th Oct 2015
Motion control engineers at Inmoco have announced a new feedback addition to its Kollmorgen AKM range of high performance motors, which provides a hig...
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ORMEC XD Indexer

INMOCO Offers Expanded ORMEC XD Indexer Family of Servo Drives to Meet Wider Range of Applications

Posted Date: 14th Aug 2012
Inmoco has expanded its ORMEC XD-Series indexing servo drive family of products with 400V models of 1.4, 2.4 and 4.8 kW ratings.
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Integrated Storage & Program Execution Capabilities Enable New ION®/CME Digital Drive to Improve Motion Design Efficiency

Posted Date: 22nd Sep 2011
INMOCO has extended its range of ION® intelligent Digital Drives, from Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD), with the ION/CME, a programmable versio...
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KCM Capacitor Modules

KCM - New energy saving modules support the DC-link

Posted Date: 27th Jun 2013
Use regenerative braking to save energy and bridge power interruptions: Two new intelligent devices from Kollmorgen improve performance in multi-axis ...
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KBM Frameless Servo Motor

Kollmorgen KBM™ Frameless Servo Motors Provide a Flexible, Compact, Low Cost Solution to Achieving Positional Accuracy

Posted Date: 16th Jan 2012
Servo control specialist, Inmoco, has extended its precision servo motor range with the introduction of the Kollmorgen KBM™ Series of frameless brushl...
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Diakont Roller Screw Actuator

Linear actuator design enables automated maintenance

Posted Date: 30th Nov 2016
Diakont DA Series actuators, available in the UK through INMOCO, have been designed for easy installation and maintenance.
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ICH Ironcore Linear Motors

Maintenance-free linear motors deliver high power density

Posted Date: 11th Mar 2015
INMOCO has extended is range of direct drives with the introduction of the Kollmorgen ICH series of maintenance-free iron-core linear motors.
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Atlas Digital Drive

Making more of motion control in packaging machine design

Posted Date: 15th Dec 2016
Packaging machine designs call for ever greater levels of performance and flexibility, combined with the ability for faster changeovers from one produ...
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VLM Servo Motors

Mid performance, high torque per pound servomotor has wide usage range

Posted Date: 25th Mar 2013
Motion control engineering and integration company Inmoco has introduced a range of servomotors with an optimal balance of performance and competitive...
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Prodigy/CME Machine Controller

Mighty Minis

Posted Date: 16th Feb 2015
If you’re looking for high-performance control of DC brushed, brushless and stepper motors across multiple axes, the typical enclosed DIN-rail mountin...
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Robotic Joint Encoder Board

Miniature encoders help advance surgical robot capabilities

Posted Date: 19th May 2017
The demands of robotic surgery, one of the most exciting and rapidly developing areas of medical technology, are encouraging motion control engineers ...
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Minutes to motion – linear positioning explained

Posted Date: 27th Nov 2014
Automation is essential if UK manufacturing is to compete against the low-wage economies of the developing world and linear positioning is often a f...
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Prodigy/ CME Machine Controller

Motion Card Integrates amps with Full Motion Control

Posted Date: 05th Sep 2013
A new machine control card from INMOCO, the Daventry-based precision motion specialists, combines up to four amplifiers and a complete positioning mot...
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Kollmorgen PCMM Motion Controller

Motion controller also handles automation functions

Posted Date: 20th Apr 2016
The Kollmorgen PCMM is a new motion controller which can also run automation and logic functions.
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Atlas Digital Amplifier

New Atlas motion amplifier is multi-talented

Posted Date: 21st May 2013
A new range of compact single-axis motion amplifiers available from INMOCO, the Daventry based motion control specialist, can be used with brushed and...
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S700 Servo Drive

New functions make servo super-safe

Posted Date: 12th Nov 2013
New safety features have been added to the Kollmorgen S700 range of servo drives, available from INMOCO.
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Precision Lifting Columns

New maintenance-free lifting columns are easy to fit

Posted Date: 07th May 2014
Lifting columns that are self-supporting and height adjustable, compact and pre-aligned for easy installation are now available from INMOCO, the preci...
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Mercury II 6000 Encoder

New Mercury II 6000 Series Encoders Set Benchmarks For Precise Nanometer Positioning, Compact Design & Affordability

Posted Date: 16th Mar 2011
Inmoco’s new Mercury II™ 6000 series of encoders from MicroE Systems’ sets new benchmarks for sensor size, resolution and accuracy. The sensor is only...
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O.P.S Optical Encoder Series

O.P.S. Optical Encoder series

Posted Date: 29th Aug 2012
A new series of affordable, high-precision, and customisable optical encoders is now available from INMOCO, the motion control technology and systems ...
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CTCopc OPC Server Software

Open communications server gives instant access to automation controllers

Posted Date: 25th Jun 2013
Motion control company Inmoco of Daventry has released CTCopc 2, a 32-bit Windows OPC server application that provides real-time client access to auto...
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KCM Capacitor Modules

Power storage modules act as servo UPS

Posted Date: 01st Oct 2013
INMOCO has launched a series of power storage devices for use primarily with multi-axis servo motion systems.
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Magellan Motion Control IC's

Precision motion chips ideal for dedicated controllers

Posted Date: 02nd Dec 2015
Inmoco has announced an optional 'user-defined profile mode' feature on Magellan Motion Control ICs (integrated circuits or silicon chips), which prov...
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MC58113 Motion Control Chip

Programmable Motion Control Chips

Posted Date: 15th Jul 2015
New high-performance motion control ICs, suitable for applications such as medical equipment, scientific instruments, industrial automation and roboti...
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