IncOder CORE Inductive Encoder

Celera increases size of its reliable and accurate inductive encoder

Published On: 5 March 2024
IncOder CORE Inductive Encoder

Celera Motion has launched a new, larger-size version of its ultra-lightweight IncOder CORE inductive encoder series. The new 70 mm outside diameter (OD) feedback sensor is a frameless design, ideally suited to OEM integration projects including robotics. The new addition to the IncOder CORE series also increases resolution to 20 bits and raises positional accuracy to 0.035°. The device is supported in the UK by motion specialist, INMOCO.

The new 70 mm OD IncOder CORE inductive encoder adds to Celera Motion’s existing 44 mm OD design. With a hollow bore, and based on a PCB, the encoder is intended for use within rotary actuators. With an inside diameter of 30.3 mm, a total height of just 13.4 mm, and weighing just 24 g, the compact and lightweight encoder is designed for OEMs requiring precise feedback for demanding applications.

Precision for diverse applications

The IncOder CORE’s through-bore design is ideal for robotic joints, enabling the installation of cabling and components through its hollow centre. Its inductive, non-contact operation also makes the encoder insensitive to contamination. This gives a precision feedback capability even in harsh environments, from surgical robotics to automated agricultural machinery. The IncOder CORE can also be used in applications such as industrial and collaborative robotic systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and gimbals.

The new encoder also offers improved measurement for absolute position feedback. Boosting resolution to 20 bits provides high-resolution sensor performance, combined with accuracy down to 0.035°. The IncOder CORE can be configured to output digital rotary position data in a range of digital protocol options, including BiSS-C, SSI, SPI and Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI).

Simple integration

The Celera Motion encoder also achieves greater measurement repeatability and reliability thanks to improved immunity to external magnetic fields. Through its field-proven, inductive technique, the sensor also ensures temperature-stable performance.

As well as compact dimensions, the frameless rotor and stator combination is easy to install with simple screw mounting and no precision tolerances to follow, saving time for installation into host mechanics. Calibration-free commissioning also simplifies the set-up process for OEM integration.

Celera Motion can also provide OEMs with customisation options including additional sizes for optimised system design, with prototype units stocked to speed up development. INMOCO assists in this process for UK-based OEMs and can integrate the Celera Motion IncOder CORE within wider motion system designs. INMOCO offers Celera’s Omni+ motors, as well as larger motor types and sizes and the motion specialist also provides a range of controllers to suit.
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