RSX High Force Electric Linear Actuators

Tolomatic Expands RSX High Force Electric Linear Actuator Range

Published On: 9 July 2024
RSX High Force Electric Linear Actuators

Linear motion specialist Tolomatic has expanded and enhanced its RSX High Force Electric Linear Actuator range, which is supported in the UK by motion specialist INMOCO. These changes include updated model numbering and the introduction of new products to meet a wider array of industrial applications. The expanded RSX range includes five new sizes, capable of producing forces up to 294 kN (66,000 lbf). To reflect this, the model numbers have been changed to denote the thrust each actuator offers, with the RSX096 now being named RSX15 and the RSX128 renamed RSX25.

The full line up now consists of:
• RSX10: 89 kN (20,000 lbf)
• RSX15: 133 kN (30,000 lbf)
• RSX20: 178 kN (40,000 lbf)
• RSX25: 222 kN (50,000 lbf)
• RSX33: 294 kN (66,000 lbf)
• RSX23P: 205 kN (46,000 lbf)
• RSX33P: 294 kN (66,000 lbf)

The RSX actuators are designed to replace traditional hydraulic systems, eliminating the risk of leaks and improving system performance. Their advanced design and construction make them suitable for a range of applications, from general industrial use to specific sectors like food processing, where cleanliness and precision are paramount.

Known for their long life and rugged performance in demanding conditions, the actuators are built to withstand harsh environments. Special versions are available for extreme cold or marine applications. This durability is achieved thanks to Tolomatic’s high-precision planetary roller screws, which ensure long-lasting and precise operation.

The enhanced RSX actuators are available with Ball and Planetary roller screw driven designs to fit application requirements, ensuring consistency over an extended service life. The Type III hard coat anodized aluminium housing protects the actuators in harsh environments, and an IP67 option offers resistance against dust and water ingress.

For those in the food industry, Tolomatic offers food grade options with a white epoxy exterior coating and stainless-steel thrust rod. Additionally, the company can supply oil cooled variants catering to high-speed and high-duty cycle applications.


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