RSX Extreme Force Electric Actuators

RSX Extreme Force Actuators replace hydraulic cylinders to eliminate messy leaks and increase system performance

The RSX family of extreme force electric linear actuators offer increased precision and higher efficiency than hydraulic cylinders. Tolomatic precision ground planetary roller screws are utilised to achieve long life and precision. The RSX platform is designed and tested for long life and reliable performance in demanding conditions including cold weather operation. The RSX family includes three frame sizes capable of achieving 80 kN to 222 kN max force.

RSX extreme force electric linear actuators offer these features:

  • Planetary roller screw driven for long consistent life
  • Type III hard coat anodised aluminium housing to withstand demanding environments
  • Standard thrust rod anti-rotation feature
  • IP67 option to protect against dust and water ingress
  • Compatible with servo motors and gearboxes up to 215mm frame sizes
  • Food grade, white epoxy coating and stainless steel thrust rod option
  • Oil filled options available for high duty cycle/ high speed applications

RSX Max Stroke

Size RSX 080  RSX 096 RSX 096P  RSX 128
Imperial 35.03 in. 31.49 in. 17.71 in. 26.18 in.
Metric 890 mm 800 mm 450 mm 665 mm


RSX Max Force

Size RSX 080 RSX 096 RSX 096P RSX 128 RSX 128P
Imperial 18,000 lbf 30,000 lbf 40,000 lbf 50,000 lbf 66,000 lbf
Metric 80.1 kN 133.5 kN 178 kN 222.4 kN 294.2 kN

RSX Max Speed

Size RSX 080 RSX 096 RSX 096P RSX 128
Imperial 27.6 in/sec 29.9 in/sec 29.9 in/sec 19.7 in/sec
Metric 700 mm/sec 760 mm/sec 760 mm/sec 500 mm/sec

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