Compact frameless direct drive motors newly available from INMOCO UK

Compact frameless direct drive motors newly available from INMOCO UK

Published On: 26 February 2020
Compact frameless direct drive motors newly available from INMOCO UK

A range of low profile direct drive motors with a compact and frameless design are now available from INMOCO in the UK. Celera Motion’s Omni™ Series direct drive motor range features high torque density in a compact design, suited to high performance, reliable and compact systems.

Highly utilized in medical equipment requiring low profile precision rotary axis control, the Omni Series is designed for use with applications such as surgical robotic arms. With features including high acceleration, zero backlash and high mechanical stiffness, as well as low inertia and reduced settling time, the Omni Series provides optimal control accuracy of highly dynamic axes. Low cogging also delivers accurate and smooth motion.

Combined with its low footprint design and minimal, compact cabling, Omni Series motors are optimal for use within robotic axis joints. Based on a frameless construction, the direct drive motors are integrated within a robot joint to drive a high ratio gear set. Characterised by an increased torque potential as a result of a direct drive motor’s higher pole count, the Omni Series is able to provide high output from compact dimensions, beneficial for medical robot applications where footprint is at a premium.

A key advantage of the Omni Series is Celera Motion’s customisation services, where windings, stator lengths, flanges and form factors can be tailored to meet application requirements. Celera Motion’s application engineering team works directly with OEMs to develop customised projects – rotary stages, electronics, controls and encoders. This also means that Celera Motion is equipped to develop a complete mechatronic sub-system. Following specification, Celera Motion provides analysis and modelling development prior to presentation of a prototype. The design is then selected, tested and validated for supply chain manufacture, before entering serial production. INMOCO’s UK engineering team provides initial consultation and facilitates the process with Celera Motion’s US-based applications designers.

The Omni Series comprises the UTH high torque motor, UTL low to medium torque, and the UTO for applications which require an outside rotating configuration. The UTH high torque motor achieves a peak torque of 47.7 Nm, a continuous duty of 15.9 Nm, and a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm, with an outside stator diameter of 533 mm. The motor enables low stator and rotor mass in a thermally efficient package, crucial for medical robot joint applications.

The frameless direct drive kit construction provides simple integration to machinery. The large through hole construction provides compact, efficient routing of cables and optics.

The Omni Series is compatible with a wide range of drives and controllers.


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