Digital amplifier from INMOCO delivers multi-motor capability

Digital amplifier from INMOCO delivers multi-motor capability

Published On: 22 September 2017
Digital amplifier from INMOCO delivers multi-motor capability

Performance Motion Devices’ ATLAS® digital amplifiers available through INMOCO have long been able to control a user’s choice of DC brush, brushless DC and stepper motors, but the latest version of this highly compact amplifier delivers enhanced multi-motor capability; allowing the motor type to be programmed by the user with no board changes required. The result is even greater flexibility in the development of motor control applications.

With length and width of a paper clip in its smallest version, but power outputs up to 500W, ATLAS® digital amplifiers are suited to applications in medical equipment, laboratory automation, scientific instruments, general motion control, force (haptic) feedback and more. They can be used for direct control of motor torque or, in conjunction with higher-level controllers, for positioning and velocity applications.

ATLAS® digital amplifiers utilise PMD’s proprietary digital current control and switching technology for exceptional efficiency and quiet motor operation. Control features include user-programmable gain parameters, tracing of motion control performance parameters, field oriented control and I2t current management. With an advanced digital current loop, integrated parameter analysis, non-volatile memory, and high PWM frequencies, they are the ideal choice for low impedance or high speed motor requirements.

The digital amplifiers are available in two package sizes, with three power ratings (75W, 250W and 500W) and with an operating supply voltage range of 12-56V. ATLAS® amplifiers are internally powered by a single motor supply voltage and provide automatic protection from over-current, under-voltage, over-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit faults.

Additional features include Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), that eliminates the need for analog ±10V torque signals. Digital SPI torque command with checksum ensures more accurate motor control. ATLAS® digital amplifiers also provide pulse and direction step motor operation.


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