Digital resolver offers single cable connectivity

Digital resolver offers single cable connectivity

Published On: 12 August 2014
Digital resolver offers single cable connectivity

Kollmorgen has continued its drive to reduce the amount of cabling required within a servo motion system, with the launch of the SFD3 digital resolver.

The single-cable technology has proved increasingly popular since Kollmorgen originally introduced it. It is used to both replace older more complicated solutions and as the first choice for new systems.

Supplied as highly scalable motion control packages, the single cable solutions are available with high-resolution Hiperface DSL absolute encoders or a digital resolver (SFD) feedback option, which can be used for almost all standard applications. The range includes both standard servo drives and those with integrated motion control, so that hardware and wiring requirements can be significantly reduced. This makes system design easier and faster, and also helps contain costs related to planning, installation and procurement. The whole range is available from precision-motion specialists, INMOCO of Daventry.

As a result, Kollmorgen can implement single-cable technology with an eight-pole standard motor cable – three phases, one PE, two for the brakes and two for the feedback system. Due to the high interference resistance, data can be transferred safely within the cable without EMC interference problems.

As part of the design philosophy of rationalisation for this robust and inexpensive feedback system, Kollmorgen has also reduced the number of connection variants, which helps contain costs and aids ease of integration.

With resolvers used in more than half of all servo applications, Kollmorgen has created a system in which motors with digital resolvers or Hiperface DSL encoders and drives can be connected with one single cable type. This means that existing feedback systems in machines can be easily replaced, without having to completely reinstall all of the cabling. In addition, there is no risk of confusion, because only one cable type is used.

The range is available in a number of packages including: ones with the AKD-N model servo drive and the AKMH fully hygienic stainless steel servo motor the AKD drive and AKM washdown gear motor for food industry applications; the low-cost AKD drive and AKM motor package; a packaging including the AKD Basic drive, and a package with the AKD PDMM servo drives with integrated multi-axis motion control and built-in PLC.


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