Electric actuator optimises machine design and saves energy

Electric actuator optimises machine design and saves energy

Published On: 7 April 2014
Electric actuator optimises machine design and saves energy

The new Thomson PC electric actuator series, now available from INMOCO in Daventry, offers an alternative to pneumatic cylinders. They allow machine designs to be simplified and made more compact, while also reducing energy consumption during operation and enhancing performance.

Sizing and selection of a unit from the PC series is straightforward, as is installation and commissioning. Their reliability in use leads to reduced maintenance compared to pneumatic alternatives; therefore, savings in time and money are ensured.

The performance of the PC electric actuators is superior to pneumatic cylinders in several respects. They offer a higher power density, or smaller unit size for a given output. They are also more accurate in positioning and offer longer stroke lengths. They are better able to withstand side loads and are quieter when operating.

PC actuators have fewer components than a pneumatic system, are not subject to air leaks and, significantly, the need for a costly compressor is removed.

Based on a large diameter ballscrew design, the PC series provides high power in a compact size envelope, smooth motion, precision positioning and long life. Its clean-lined, stainless steel exterior makes it ideal for harsh environments, easy washdown and clean environments. High-performance seals and other components have earned it IP65 rating throughout the range.

The PC series is available in three sizes – PC25, PC32 and PC40 – offering a maximum load from 1250N to 6000N, a maximum stroke from 600mm to 1200mm and a maximum speed from 1.33m/sec to 1.66m/sec. The smallest unit has a 34mm x 34mm profile and houses a 10mm diameter screw; the largest is 55mm x 55mm and based on a 20mm diameter screw.

In all sizes the drive can be parallel (side-mounted) or in-line (end-mounted) using the PC series RediMount connector, which is designed to ensure perfect alignment between actuator and motor. A wide range of user-selected motors can be fitted to the PC series.

Online selection tools, 3D CAD models and an energy-saving calculator are available at www.thomsonlinear.com/pcseries


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