INMOCO Expands Indexer Family with Motion Features

INMOCO Expands Indexer Family with Motion Features

Published On: 11 September 2013
INMOCO Expands Indexer Family with Motion Features

INMOCO’s XD Series Indexer servo drive family, manufactured by ORMEC Systems Corp. in Rochester New York, has been enhanced with an expanded I/O capability for motion control applications.

This includes a second analogue input and an analogue output, along with the new motion control modes for Tension Control, Tachometer Feedback and Generator Mode. Brush-type DC motor control capability has also been added, expanding motor control beyond brushless AC motors. The XD Indexer can be used with MotionSet configuration and commissioning software for reduced engineering and start-up time for applications.

MotionSet is an intuitive interface for simple set-up, testing and installation. Intuitive controls such as ‘drag and drop’ I/O assignments, digital scope and menu-driven programming make the configuration, debug and installation of complex applications quick and easy. A built-in Motor Wizard simplifies motor configuration, providing seamless integration and quick commissioning of most third-party motors.

Tension Control mode is used to control web tension on winders, unwinders and nip rolls, and is used for stand-alone stations on larger machines. Tachometer Feedback is used in applications such as large wind and unwind applications where brush-type DC motors do not have a position feedback device. Generator mode is used when servomotors are driven by another device and are used as generators to create DC voltage.

The XD Indexer range provides cost-effective solutions for applications such as intelligent conveyor control, ultrasonic welding, pick and place, linear positioning, feed-to-length, flying shear, rotary knife, stamping, pin insertion, drilling, grinding, tension control and parts retrieval. Multi-axis applications are implemented by interconnecting multiple XD Indexers.

“The XD Indexer family continues to expand and evolve to meet our customers’ increasing application requirements. With expanded analogue I/O capability and new motion control features, the XD Indexer continues to be a cost effective, flexible product. Our customers simply take an Indexer out of the box and start using it immediately,” states Jim Barr, Engineering Manager for ORMEC.


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