Innovative inductive angle encoders that are simple and robust, yet ultra-precise

Published On: 21 November 2019

Precision motion control specialist company INMOCO has introduced a new solution for measuring angular position in extreme environments where potentiometers or capacitive devices may prove unreliable.

The non-contact Celera Motion Zettlex IncOder™ can be described as an inductive angle encoder and works like a transformer.

IncOders have two main parts, a powered stator and a passive rotor, each shaped like a flat ring. The stator contains the electronics to receive power and generate an output signal which shows the true absolute angular position of the rotor relative to the stator without the need of any motion.

The IncOders are compact and lightweight, simple to install, and provides fit and forget operation. The rotor and stator are simply screwed to the host product. Precise mechanical mounting is not required and there are no bearings. Unlike capacitive devices, there is no need to earth IncOders.

Capacitive angle encoders can be unreliable in harsh conditions – often due to the presence of condensation or dust – Celera Motion IncOders are completely rugged, being housed in a robust, hard-anodised aluminium alloy case and have no contacting, delicate or wearing parts. For particularly demanding working environments, IP67 rated versions are available.

The large bore in both the rotor and the stator make it easy to accommodate through-shafts, slip-rings, optical-fibres, pipes or cables.

INMOCO engineer Gerard Bush says: “Their robustness, simplicity and precision makes IncOders ideal for a great range of applications, from weapon systems and radar to medical equipment and scanners, CCTV cameras, robots, machine tools, test equipment and packaging stations.

“Celera Motion’s Zettlex products are recognised for expertise in using inductive techniques for precision measurement of position. INMOCO is a distributor for Celera Motion and represents in the UK.”


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