Maintenance-free linear motors deliver high power density

Maintenance-free linear motors deliver high power density

Published On: 11 March 2015
Maintenance-free linear motors deliver high power density

INMOCO has extended its range of direct drives with the introduction of the Kollmorgen ICH series of maintenance-free iron-core linear motors.

With their high power density and absence of mechanical components, these high reliability drives enable the development of smaller, lighter machines with increased energy efficiency.

ICH series linear motors are frameless, permanent magnet, three-phase brushless servomotors, offering the highest force per frame size. Available in four sizes, they deliver feed forces between 175 and 5341N in continuous operation, with maximum peak force of more than 12,000N.

Thanks to their non-contact operation, with no limitations of a mechanical transmission, the ICH linear motors operate over a wide speed range.

Application speeds of less than 1µm/s and greater than 5m/s are achievable, with accelerations of between 3G and 10G depending on size. This is a significantly wider speed and acceleration range than can be achieved, for example, with mechanical transmissions such as ballscrews.

Further, for applications where smoothness and speed accuracy are important, ICH series linear motors deliver excellent constant velocity characteristics, with minimal force and velocity ripple using cogging compensation feature implemented in S700. Variation in speed is typically better than ±0.01 percent, while a special anti-cogging design yields extremely smooth operation.

Positioning accuracies are limited only by the feedback resolution, and sub-micron resolutions are readily achievable.

Meeting the needs of applications with demanding power and dynamics specifications, the new ICH series linear motors are suited to tasks such as laser and plasma cutting, drilling centres and packaging technology, where fast and accurate positioning of axes is required.

With few components and by eliminating the need for ball screws and related components (nuts, bearing blocks, couplings, motor mounts, etc), the ICH series linear motors provide long life and clean operation, without the need for lubrication or maintenance. By implementation into machine the linear guides and linear bearings are still needed – and need to be lubricated.

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