Precision Linear Actuators

Thomson Precision Linear Actuators combine over 40 years of technical development and represents state of the art mechanical actuation control. Designed for the most demanding applications, they are ideal when the maximum available performance and longest life cycle are required. Pre-packaged systems come with a motor (AC Servo or 3Φ AC) and gear assembly for easy design and installation. Basic mechanical actuators are customizable.

Perfect for linear positioning applications where strong thrust, high speed, and positioning accuracies are critical.  These high-precision systems have progressed from being a clean and efficient replacement for hydraulic actuators and pneumatic cylinders to a preferred alternative to many types of linear transmission.  Mounting flexibility ranges from rigid, externally-guided and supported loads to pivoting loads. Types of applications include:

  • Value Control (process and packaging industry, ventilation equipment, vehicle applications)
  • Pressing/Clamping (machine tools, electronics, plastics, metal and wood working applications)
  • Edge Guide Control (paper mills, print shop equipment, textile industry)
  • Backstop Adjust (wood work industry, machine tools, metal industry)
  • Loading/Unloading (handling equipment, packaging, medical, and electronics industry)
  • Drilling, Welding, Gluing, or Thermo-forming (plastics, metals, machine tools industries)


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