Electrak 1 (SP) Actuators

The Electrak 1 (SP) actuators are completely self-contained and sealed for use indoors and outdoors.  Functionally, these models are easily interchangeable with similarly sized hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.  Used in intermittent duty applications Electrak 1 (SP) actuators provide consistent, repeatable performance in the most rigorous operating conditions including extreme temperatures and humidities.


  • Aluminium/zinc corrosion-resistant housing
  • Self-locking Acme screw drive system
  • Auto reset thermal switch for motor protection
  • Flying leads or connectors
  • CE Certificate (based on region)
  • Internally restrained
  • Clevis mounting
  • Maintenance free

Electrak 1 Models

Electrak 1SP Models


Performance Specifications Electrak 1 Electrak 1SP
Input Voltages (VDC) 12, 24, 36
Max Stroke Length: mm (in) 150 (6.0)
Max Dynamic Load:  N (lbf) 340 (75)
Max Static Load:  N (lbf) 1300 (300)
Max No-Load Speed:  mm/s (in/s) 75 (3.0)
Max Full-Load Speed:  mm/s (in/s) 52 (2.1)
Full load duty cycle @ 25 ºC (77 ºF) 25%
Screw Type Acme
Operating temperature:  ºC (ºF) -25 to +65 (-15 to +150)
End of Stroke Protection Limit switches No
Potentiometer feedback none 10KΩ
Protection Class IP65
Compatible Controls Varies per model
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