WhisperTrak Actuators

Thomson’s new WhisperTrak™ Linear Actuators are the latest addition to their well-known electric linear actuator family. The WhisperTrak actuators set a new standard for office and domestic applications, personal mobility, medical and rehabilitation projects. They are small, quiet, washdown-proof and created from the know-how that Thomson has accumulated from being an actuator industry leader for over 40 years.

These actuators incorporate many features that enable machine builders a great flexibility in their applications, offer environmental protection sealing, maintenance free lifetime operation, and various position control capabilities, all in a sleek and compact package.


  • Compact, light and maintenance free
  • Ultrasonic welding of enclosure provides high level of sealing
  • Washdown-proof during operation
  • Submersible when not in operation
  • IP67 environmental protection class
  • CE (EN60601-1) and UL (UL60601-1) certification


  • Electronic limit switches – shuts off power for overload conditions during and at end of stroke
  • Anti-rotation mechanism – prevents the extension tube from rotating if it is not fixed on the end.
  • Mounting adapters turned 90°
  • Variety of cable and connection choices (flying leads, phono, DIN, Pac Con)
  • DCG Actuator Control with pendant

Part Numbers


Performance Specifications W1202 W2402
Input Voltages (VDC) 12 24
Maximum Stroke Length: mm (in) 500 (19.0)
Max Dynamic Load: N (lbf) 2000 (450)
Max Static Load: N (lbf) 2000 (450)
Maximum Rated Current Draw (A) 4.5 2.2
Maximum Stall Current Draw (A) 14 8.0
Max No-Load Speed: mm/s (in/s) 5.8 (.23)
Max Full-Load Speed: mm/s (in/s) 4.0 (.16)
Maximum Duty Cycle 10%
Operating Temperature: ºC (F) -25 (-13) to +40 (105)
Sound Level (dBa) < 45
Average Life (cycles) 10,000
Lead Screw Type Acme

WhisperTrak Actuator Brochure

Smart Actuation Brochure