LM80 Rodless Actuators

Thomson’s LM80 Rodless actuators are uniquely designed for quiet operation and suitable for indoor domestic and medical environments. With easy installation by means of a T-slot design throughout its travel, this actuator incorporates a DC motor and gearbox assembly providing movement to the carriage using either a ball or lead screw drive.  It consists of an extruded anodised aluminium profile and is available in both vertical and horizontal models.


  • Horizontal or vertical versions
  • Self-supporting extruded aluminium profile
  • T-slot mounting
  • Safety nut on ball screw models
  • Internally restrained
  • Spring-loaded soft stop protection
  • Auto reset thermal switch motor protection
  • Motor cable and connector
  • Maintenance free


  • No motor enclosure
  • Manual override
  • Alternative motor positions
  • Stroke lengths over 1500 mm
  • Encoder feedback


Performance Specifications LM80
Versions LM80V – Vertical units
LM80H – Horizonal Units
*See documentation for performance specs
Input Voltages (VDC) 12, 24
Max Stroke Length: mm (in) 1500 mm (60 in)
Max Load:  N (lbf) 2000 (450)
Max Load Torque: Nm (lbf-in) 750 (6640)
Max No-Load Speed:  mm/s (in/s) 110 (4.33)
Max Full-Load Speed:  mm/s (in/s) 87 (3.42)
Full load duty cycle @ 20 ºC (68 ºF) 15% (120s max ON time)
Screw Type Acme or Ball
Operating temperature:  ºC (ºF) 0 to +40 (32 to +104)
Protection Class IP44 w/motor enclosure
IP33 without motor enclosure
Compatible Controls Varies per model
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