Omni+™ Series Motors

Pre-Engineered, Low Cogging, High Torque Density Direct Drive Motors

Omni+™ Series motors are offered in various axial lengths with winding options engineered for optimal system integration. Large rotor ID to stator OD ratios provide thin cross-section form factors, allowing design flexibility. This is also convenient for routing cables, optics, and other system elements. Standard diameters and stack lengths pair easily with strain wave gears, and motor windings pair with drive current ratings – making all models compatible with a wide range of motor drives. Frameless motor kits fit simply into geared robotic joints, direct drive rotary stages, or actuator applications for efficient utilisation of space.

The Omni+™ Series Motors are designed to provide ultra-low cogging and high torque density in a thermally efficient package. Frameless motor kit technology provides high speeds and accelerations, with superior mechanical stiffness, increasing system performance and throughput and reducing settling times.

Features and Benefits


60mm Model 70mm Model 100mm Model 130mm Model
Continuous Torque 0.446 to 1.50 Nm 0.623 to 1.92 Nm 1.91 to 5.53 Nm 4.08 to 12.5 Nm
Max Torque 0.900 to 5.36 Nm 1.53 to 7.10 Nm 4.12 to 16.3 Nm 9.97 to 41.2 Nm
Diameter (Stator OD) 60 mm 70 mm 100 mm 130 mm
Through Hole (Rotor ID) 31 mm 38 mm 60 mm 78 mm

Omni+™ Series Motor Brochure

Omni+™ Series Motor Datasheet