High Vacuum Encoders

MicroE Systems’ Mercury™ and Mercury II™ Vacuum Encoders are smaller, higher performance, faster to install, and easier to set up and align than any other encoder. The tiny sensor fits into very tight spaces and works in both linear and rotary applications. The Vacuum encoder sensors are all vented and constructed with vacuum compatible materials and designed for a 48 hour bake out at 150°C. Colour coded bare leads are provided for customer termination.


  • Smallest sensor – ⅓ the size of other encoders
  • Revolutionary bolt-in alignment for many applications
  • Advanced SmartPrecision electronics built into shielded D-sub connector
  • A-quad-B output with programmable interpolation in integer steps for resolutions to 0.005μm (linear); 67.1M CPR (rotary)
  • LED set up indicator options for sensor alignment and index location
  • Bi-directional index signal is repeatable to encoder resolution
  • Best-in-class noise immunity for harsh environments


Choose from the models listed below

Vacuum Encoder Specifications

Vacuum Encoder Systems
Mercury II 6000V Models – 
Mercury 1000V Models – 
Mercury 1500V Models –