Mercury Analog Encoders

MicroE Systems’ Mercury Analog output encoders are smaller, have higher performance, are faster to install, and are easier to use than any other encoder. Their advanced features include SmartPrecision™ automatic offset and gain adjustments during set-up to optimise accuracy. No manual adjustments are needed. The tiny sensor fits into very tight spaces, has broad alignment tolerances for fast and easy setup and works in both linear and rotary applications. The entire Mercury encoder system is EMI-shielded for use in the toughest environments. With standard analogue sine/cosine output, use your interpolation electronics to achieve the resolution required by your application.


  • Small sensor with ultra-low Z height; flush screw mounting
  • Sensor is 8.4mm (H) x 12.7mm (W) x 20.6mm (L) and weighs 1.6g
  • SmartPrecision automatic offset and gain set-up
  • Analog Sine/Cosine output and Index window
  • Fundamental resolution: Linear 20μm; Rotary 2,500 – 16,384 CPR Interpolated resolution determined by customer electronics
  • Linear: 20μm – 0.078μm; rotary: 2,500 to 4.2M CPR
  • EMI shielding over the entire system
  • Bi-directional index signal
  • Index mark at the centre or end of the glass scale (linear)
  • Alignment Tool enables fast set-up

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Analog Output Systems
Mercury 1000 Models – 
Mercury 1200 Models – 

Mercury-1000 Datasheet

Mercury™ 1000 Installation Manual

Mercury-1000 Interface Drawings

Mercury-1200 Datasheet

Mercury™ 1200-1500P Installation Manual

Mercury-1200 Interface Drawings