Optira Series Encoders

Optira is the only encoder in its size class that offers up to 5 nm resolution with all interpolation, AGC, and signal processing performed in the sensor head. No additional PCBs, adapters, or dongles are required for operation.

Patented PurePrecision™ optical technology and industry-leading alignment tolerances from MicroE make Optira’s miniature sensor head extremely easy to install. Optira’s three mounting options, industry-standard analogue and digital incremental encoder outputs, and standard FFC connector provide the durability and flexibility needed by designers of miniature precision motion
control systems.

Optira is engineered to deliver industry-leading low-power consumption. A 3.3 VDC version is offered, making it ideal for battery-powered precision instruments.

Compatibility with MicroE’s wide range of linear and rotary gratings and scales enables a miniature installation footprint.


  • Miniature footprint; interpolation and AGC in the sensor head
  • Mechanical and PCB-mount options
  • Easy installation
  • Simple and flexible cabling/connectivity
  • Durable mechanical and electrical design
  • Multiple linear and rotary grating/ scale options
  • Status LED in the sensor head
  • Optional connector board for index calibration and connector flexibility

Optira Product Brochure

Optira Series Datasheet