RediMount™ System

The RediMount™ system allows quick, easy, error-free connection of our TRUE Planetary™ gearheads to almost any motor available on the market. The innovative design features an adapter sleeve and input housing designed for reliable mounting in just a few steps. The RediMount system is available for our XTRUE™, NemaTRUE™, DuraTRUE™, UltraTRUE, ValueTRUE™ and EverTRUE™ gearheads, including right-angle models.


Self-aligning hub: maintains concentricity between the motor shaft and gearhead
Pre-installed pinion: eliminates pinion-setting procedure to simplify installation
Modular design: allows the gearhead and input housing to be stocked separately
Versatile: allows easy changeover to alternate motors
Interchangeable: Kollmorgen uses the same RediMount™ system across 7 product lines
Quick, easy mounting: see the Specifications tab for mounting instructions and torque values

RediMount™ System Mounting Instructions:

  1. Slide the provided sleeve into the hub and align the slot in the bushing with the slot in the hub.
  2. Set the motor on a work surface or hold it with the output shaft facing straight up. If there is a key on the motor, remove it and align the keyway with the slot in the hub. Slide the gearhead down onto the motor shaft.
  3. Rotate the hub to align the input housing access holes with the hub clamping bolts.
  4. Using a torque wrench, tighten the hub bolts to the pre-torque value indicated in the table.
  5. Bolt the motor to the gearhead with the bolts provided.
  6. Gradually tighten the hub bolts in three steps, increasing the torque each time until reaching the final tightening torque in the table.