FT Series Servo Motors

The FT Series were 3 phase rare earth (SmCo) permanent magnet servomotors with a trapezoidal characteristic. They were available in three frame sizes, FT2, FT4 and FT6 covering a stall torque range from 1.3Nm to 45Nm and a speed range from 6000rpm to 3000rpm. All motors in the range featured extremely low rotor inertia and consequently exihibited high acceleration and dynamic performance.


  • Over  temperature protection in the form of a thermostat
  • Motor protection class IP65, shaft end to IP64 without oilseal
  • Commutation and speed sensing by integral 3 phase brushless tachometer
  • Encoder mounting options available for incremental and absolute encoders

Although these motors are no longer in production we have stock of the following models for customers needing replacements:

  • FT26-1L-0020-00 (FT26iL-0020-00)
  • FT42-1L-0000-00 (FT421L-0000-00)
  • FT42-1M-4420-00 (FT421M-4420-00)
  • FT46-1L-0020-00 (FT461L-0020-00)