Servo systems cables to be upgraded with new connectors and labelling

Published On: 17 October 2019

Improved servo systems cables made by Kollmorgen are now available to UK users, through INMOCO, the Daventry based precision motion control specialist.

Kollmorgen is following a programme to upgrade many of its cables so that they are easier to install and improve robustness, while also performing better in supplying power and/or transmitting control signals. For instance, cables currently fitted with Speedtec connectors up to 20A (2.5mm² wire gauge) will now be equipped with Locktec connectors to provide better bend protection, with a similar upgrade being offered on larger cables later.

“The Locktec connector system is 100% compatible with Speedtec,” says Gerard Bush of INMOCO. “So, users do not have to do anything to adapt to the new cables. As the name implies they lock into place and provide a secure connection, which is particularly useful in systems where the cable may move about.”

These improvements are currently being implemented on Kollmorgen’s AKD power and feedback cables, as well as on its washdown cables. The plan is that other cable products will get these improvements at a later date as well.

Many users will be pleased to hear that Kollmorgen is also moving away from the traditional sticker label on its cables. These will be replaced with a new system where the designation and any associated information is printed directly onto the cable.

“This removes any worries about losing the cable label and later having product identification issues,” says Gerard.

Power and feedback cables are essential parts of any servo system, providing connection between the motor and drive. A good cable will enable optimal performance for a given axis of motion, while a poor quality cable can lead to the motor and drive solution behaving erratically or even not working at all. There are many factors that impact the quality of cables including materials used, gauge of wire, noise immunity and length of cable, for all of which Kollmorgen has solutions for optimising performance.

These cable part numbers and list pricing will be maintained for the improved cables, so buyers and users will not have to update their records


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