Omni+ Frameless Motor

New frameless motor improves torque density and reduces cogging

Published On: 27 April 2021
Omni+ Frameless Motor

Celera Motion has launched a new frameless motor that provides high torque density in a compact form factor, combined with smooth motion. The Omni+™ motor series, distributed to the UK by INMOCO, improves thermal management with lower power dissipation and decreased temperature rise. The Omni+™ Series is well suited for medical robotic joints and industrial applications that demand high power density in a compact footprint.

Pre-engineered in a variety of axial lengths and winding options, the Omni+™ Series are currently available in 60 and 70 mm diameters with additional size options coming soon. Large rotor inner diameter to stator outer diameter ratios provides thin cross-section form factors, allowing design flexibility for cable routing, optics or other system elements. The frameless motor kits easily integrate with geared robotic joints, direct drive rotary stages or actuators – efficient for compact requirements.

The Omni+™ 60 mm version generates up to 5.29 Nm pulse duty and 1.61 Nm continuous duty. The 70 mm version has a maximum torque of 6.38 Nm pulse duty and 1.96 Nm continuous duty. While increasing power density, smooth motion is delivered due to reduced cogging, achieved through a high pole count and efficient electromagnetic design with a compact winding arrangement.

Decreased cogging also reduces torque ripple, resulting in high heat dissipation, a crucial requirement to enable high power generation in a compact design. Celera Motion’s frameless motor kit technology provides high speeds and accelerations, with superior mechanical stiffness that reduces settling times and increases performance.

Enabling ease of integration, the Omni+™ is offered in standard diameters and stack lengths that easily match with strain wave gears, and motor windings pair with drive current ratings – making all models compatible with a wide range of drives. Celera Motion’s Everest Series and Capitan Series miniature servo drives can be combined for optimal control, while Celera Motion also provides a range of optical encoders and inductive encoders for precision feedback – including the Zettlex inductive encoders.

Custom windings and form factors are also available, and INMOCO can provide application integration support to UK-based design engineers.

“Advancing on the success of Celera Motion’s Omni series, the Omni+™ frameless motor creates increased torque from a highly compact unit,” says Gerard Bush, INMOCO. “Combined with simple installation and easy cable routing, the Omni+™ is specifically for design engineers that need high power density with smooth motion performance.”


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