Mercury Digital Encoders

Mercury Digital Encoder systems include the sensor, double shielded cable, your choice of connector, and either a linear or rotary glass scale. Mercury’s space-saving, integrated configuration gives OEM system designers a breakthrough in performance.


  • Small sensor with ultra-low Z height; flush screw mounting
  • Sensor is 8.4mm (H) x 12.7mm (W) x 20.6mm (L) and weighs 1.6g
  • Available with 15 pin standard D connector, micro-connector or PCB mounting
  • A-quad-B output and Index window
  • Factory set interpolation x4, x8, x20, x40 for resolutions of 5μm to 0.50μm (linear); 6,600 CPR to 655,000 CPR (rotary)
  • Entire system is EMI shielded
  • Bi-directional index signal
  • Index mark at the center or end of the glass scale (linear)
  • Alignment Tool enables fast set up

Choose from the models listed below

Digital Output Systems
Mercury 1500S Models – 
Mercury 1500H Models – 
Mercury 1500P Models – 

Mercury-1200-1500P Installation Manual

Mercury-1500 Datasheet

Mercury-1500 Installation Manual

Mercury-1500P Datasheet

Mercury-1500S-H Interface Drawings

Mercury-1500P Interface Drawings