MC73110 Motor Control IC

The MC73110 Motor Control IC provides a high-performance digital current loop, velocity loop and commutation for brushless DC motors.  As an intelligent single-axis drive controller it operates in internal velocity profile mode, velocity mode with an external velocity command signal, or torque mode with an external torque signal.

The MC73110 can be operated standalone, using pre-programmed flash-stored parameters, or through the serial port using microprocessor-style commands.

To create a complete motion controller, the MC73110 is connected to a MOSFET or IGBT-based power stage. The MC73110 is packaged in a compact 64-pin TQFP (thin quad flat pack), and operates at 3.3 V.


  • Control for 3-phase brushless DC motors
  • High performance digital current loop
  • Velocity loop with encoder or tachometer feedback
  • Internal velocity profile generator
  • Sinusoidal or 6-step commutation
  • Field oriented control
  • Hall sensor inputs
  • 6-signal PWM output with shoot-through protection
  • Direct analog signal input
  • Serial port up to 416 Kbaud
  • Quadrature encoder input up to 10 Mcounts/sec
  • Serial EEProm for onboard flash configuration load
  • High speed index input & capture
  • SPI (synchronous serial interface) command input
  • Emergency stop input
  • 10 kHz velocity loop & commutation rate
  • 20 kHz PWM output rate
  • Compact 64-pin plastic quad flat pack (PQFP)

MC73110 Motor Control IC Datasheet

MC73110 Product Manual