AKM Washdown Motors

These motors are based on Kollmorgen’s AKM electromagnetics and are available on frame sizes two through six. Among other things this new range of AKM motors provides a highly effective protective 2-K coating and IP67 rated seal configuration and stainless steel hardware on all precision interfaces.
Applications that benefit from this innovation are those subject to strict hygiene regulations aimed at avoiding germ formation and corrosion, and those where periodic cleaning is imperative.
However, by designing these special AKM motors to be not only hygienic but cost-effective, they can also benefit a wider target market, e.g. packaging industry.


  • Higher purification rating
  • No additional cover or special protection required for the motor casing
  • Use of expensive high-grade steel required only on the shaft, screws and plug connections
  • Increased motor life
  • Solution provides for a large number of applications not requiring stainless steel motor casings.


Performance – Equivalent to standard AKM frame sizes 2 to 6, e.g. static torques from 1 Nm to 25. For more information see the AKM servomotors page here

Usage Criteria – Resistant to chemicals, particularly cleaning products, with PH values of between >2 and < 12 as well as protection against corrosion.

Surfaces – The convenient design of the AKM with rounded and flat surfaces prevents dirt from getting into areas where germs could form.

Casing Coating – The coating material used for the AKM Washdown is available in a stainless steel design and is thus resistant to alkaline solutions and acids. The coating material used for the AKM Washdown Food complies with the FDA global migration requirements as well as being resistant to alkaline solutions and acids.

Bearing – In accordance with FDA regulations, AKM Washdown Food version uses only lubricants that are suitable for foodstuff.

Seal – The two Washdown designs comply with the IP 67 degree of protection. The well-established AKM PTFE shaft seal is used. In the case of the AKM Washdown Food Version, the rotary seal shaft meets the requirements of the FDA.

Shaft – Stainless steel.

Supply and Feedback Connections – Both standard European size 1.0 with special stainless steel finish and straight connectors are available.

Cables – Cables are available with special stainless steel mating plugs as required.

Environment Temperature – 0 to 60 °C

Refrigeration – Standard refrigeration

International Standards – UL, CE, FDA*, RoHs, Gost-R

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Flyer – AKM Washdown Servo Motors

AKM Washdown Food Gearmotor Flyer