ICH Ironcore Linear Motor

ICH Series Ironcore motors from Kollmorgen provide the highest force per frame size and feature a patented anti-cogging design for smooth operation. These motors have coils wound on silicon steel laminations to maximise the generated force with a single-sided magnet way. The manufacturer’s co-engineering capabilities allow us to meet your stroke and load requirements without the expense and lead time of a customised solution.


  • Maintenance-free iron-core linear motors with high power density
  • Direct power transmission without mechanical components
  • Special motor design ensures very quiet running
  • 175 N to 5341 N continuous force meets a wide range of application requirements
  • 405 N to 12726 N peak force for high instantaneous power requirements
  • Isolation to 480VAC
  • Digital hall effect sensors
  • Compatible with all servo amplifiers and safety and energy-saving modules
  • Comprehensive development support from the Kollmorgen support team


ICH Series Linear Motors offer several advantages when designing innovative and competitive machines and plant equipment:

  • Highest rated thrust force per size—ideal for accelerating and moving high masses
  • Maintains the stiffness required for machining and other process forces
  • Zero maintenance
  • Eliminates ball screws, gearboxes, rack and pinions, belts and pulleys
  • Power transmission with Zero backlash and compliance
  • High stiffness
  • High positional accuracy
  • Compact mechanical assembly
  • Reduces machine parts count
  • Very smooth velocity


Kollmorgen ICH Direct Drive Linear Motor Selection Guide