Mercury II 1600 Encoders

0.5μm Resolution Digital Output Encoder Uses Tape Scales for Economical Motion Control Designs

The tiny Mercury II 1600 digital output sensor, combined with the cut-to-length tape scale, provides repeatability and resolution of 5μm to 0.5μm. The unique stick-on index and broad sensor alignment tolerances enable setup in seconds. High EMI immunity and tolerance to contamination mean reliable operation, while high bandwidth allows speeds up to 7.2m/s. MII 1600 is the best choice for applications requiring 0.5μm of resolution.

Resolution: 5μm to 0.5μm
Outputs: A-quad-B with Index
Scales: Linear Tape
Connectors: Standard D-sub or customer specified

Model Numbers

Mercury-II-1600 Datasheet

Mercury-II-1600_1900 Installation Manual

Mercury_II-1600 Interface Drawing