PMDC Motors

INMOCO offer the standard range of Pacific Scientific PMDC motors with over 75 standard SCR and PWM rated, low voltage, explosion proof motors and seal-tight motors from 0.09KW-2.2KW.

The complete range of PMDC motors, which are now branded as Kollmorgen products, are all of a rugged construction, highly efficient and consistently reliable. They are all available with NEMA or metric mountings and will produce linear speed/ torque characteristics over a wide speed range.


  • 1/8 to 3 Hp
  • Patented Anti-cog Magnets for smooth performance at all speeds
  • Wide range of operations from PWM or SCR controls or batteries
  • Explosion proof chemical resistant and food industry enclosure
  • NEMA or IEC standard mountings
  • SCR & PWM rated, Low voltage, Sealed and Explosion Proof

SCR Rated Nema Standards

SCR Rated Nema Standards – Wash Down Duty

SCR Rated Explosion Proof – UL Listed (UL674, File E56538)

Low Voltage Rated Nema Standards

PMDC Selection Guide