SBA Servo Amplifier

The SBA is a miniature PWM servo amplifier for brushless DC Motors in the range of up to 850 Watts. The amplifier utilises power MOSFET and SMT components resulting in a high power/volume density. Additional external circuits can be added to enhance its features.

It is an OEM-oriented product for automated machines and instrumentation. The amplifier is a panel mount version and it is so designed that two amplifiers can be mounted on a double Euro-card.


  • Operation in current mode
  • Internal DC to DC converter enables operation from one single supply
  • One differential command reference input, one single-ended input
  • Zero deadband
  • Excellent linearity
  • Adjustable compensation
  • Adjustable continuous and peak current limits
  • Input balance (Offset) adjustment
  • External continuous and peak current limit adjustments
  • Inhibit input
  • Motor current monitor
  • Status indication by three LEDs
  • Latch mode of the protective functions
  • Compact size
  • Interface via flat ribbon connector