SEM DC Motor Replacements

If you need a replacement for an SEM DC Servomotor then we have the answer, with specially developed options to directly replace the discontinued lines of SEM Ltd. servomotors.

Based on the M4-200XM4-295X and M4-420X range of DC servomotors which have been used in demanding industrial applications for over 30 years. The motors have been tailored to exactly match the SEM models, providing a drop-in replacement.

  • Identical motor shaft and mount dimensions (IEC & NEMA options)
  • Matched motor windings
  • Compatible torque/speed performance
  • Matched connection options
  • 24 V DC brake option
  • Matched tacho-generator output
  • Encoder options available
  • Matched non-drive end interface options
  • Rare Earth magnets
  • Rugged mechanical design

Please contact us with your full SEM motor part number so we can offer a replacement.

SEM MT22 Servomotors

Original Part Number Our Equivalent
(Base Model)
MT22D2-19 M4-2004V
MT22D2-10 M4-2004S
MT22D2-5 M4-2004B
MT22G2-19 M4-2005A
MT22G2-10 M4-2005M
MT22R2-24 M4-2006A
MT22R2-19 M4-2006T
MT22R2-12 M4-2006P
MT22R2-10 M4-2006N


SEM MT30 Servomotors

Original Part Number Our Equivalent
(Base Model)
MT30E4-52 M4-2950M
MT30E4-32 M4-2950Q
MT30E4-25 M4-2950S
MT30E4-20 M4-2950A
MT30F4-52 M4-2950M
MT30F4-45 M4-2950F
MT30F4-39 M4-2950U
MT30F4-25 M4-2950S
MT30H4-65 M4-2951L
MT30H4-44 M4-2951I
MT30H4-33 M4-2951C
MT30H4-22 M4-2951E
MT30M4-59 M4-2951K
MT30M4-48 M4-2951J
MT30M4-38 M4-2951H
MT30M4-24 M4-2951G
MT30R4-58 M4-2952I
MT30R4-46 M4-2952B
MT30R4-37 M4-2952A
MT30R4-25 M4-2952F
MT30U4-57 M4-2959E
MT30U4-48 M4-2959F
MT30U4-36 M4-2959A
MT30U4-26 M4-2959G
MT30Z4-85 M4-2959H
MT30Z4-61 M4-2959B
MT30Z4-37 M4-2959A


SEM MT40 Servomotors

Original Part Number Our Equivalent
(Base Model)
MT40P4-76 M4-4202G
MT40P4-61 M4-4202F
MT40P4-38 M4-4202A
MT40W4-90 M4-4203F
MT40W4-68 M4-4203E
MT40W4-45 M4-4203B
MT40ZD4-90 M4-4203F
MT40ZD4-60 M4-4204B
MT40ZD4-45 M4-4204C


SEM MT52 Servomotors

Original Part Number Our Equivalent
(Base Model)
MT52K8-87 M4-4203 F
MT52K8-62 M4-4203 E
MT52K8-50 M4-4203 K
MT52K8-37 M4-4203 J
MT52V8-87 M4-4205 A
MT52V8-69 M4-4205 B
MT52V8-50 M4-4205 M
MT52V8-37 M4-4205 D
MT52ZF8-86 contact us
MT52ZR8-92 contact us
DBMT52ZF8-86 contact us
DBMT52ZR8-92 contact us

MT22 Replacement Brochure

MT30 Replacement Brochure

MT40 Replacement Brochure

MT52 Replacement Brochure