M4-200X Brushed Motors

The M4-200X range of compact servo motors has been designed specifically for robotics, machine tool and automatic handling equipment as well as for mobile and general servo-drive applications where accuracy, reliability and high power/ weight ratio are vitally important.

The use of rare earth magnets results in a compact motor with a very favourable power/weight ratio compared with conventional ferrite magnet or wound field motors. Maximum terminal voltage has been kept to 90 V, but very useful performance can be obtained from lower voltages, such as 48 or 60 V, torque being maintained at reduced speeds.

Provision is made for mounting tachos, encoders, resolvers and other positional feed-back devices by means of a spigot at the non-driving end with a shaft extension. A fail-safe brake can also be incorporated as can alternative power connection by MS connectors, cable, or flying leads.

The Electrical Specification above is a sample of the standard windings available. There are many special windings designed to cover most speed/torque applications. If the windings below do not suit your application just contact us and we will find the right winding for you.


  • 0.4 to 1.6Nm
  • 90 – 300 Watt
  • 6000 rpm Max Speed
  • Compact Size
  • High Energy Rare Earth Magnets
  • Encoder Mounting Spigot Provided
  • Available with or without Tacho
  • 4-Pole Motor

Standard Features

  • Square Flange (IMB5)
  • P.G. Gland
  • IP44 Sealing
  • Keyway
  • Tacho


  • Brake
  • Connectors
  • Special Winding
  • No Keyway
  • Special Shafts
  • Thermostat
  • Oil Seal
  • Special Sealing
  • Rear Shaft Extension
  • Round Flange (IMB14)

M4-200X Electrical Specification

M4-200X Part Numbering

M4-200X drawings