DC Brush Servo Motors

The Torquemaster Series of dc brush servo motors from MTI Motion provides smooth operation throughout a full speed-range that you can count on. Available in five framesizes the Torquemaster DC Brush Servo Motors deliver smooth and superior low-speed performance, and maximum power ratings with low thermal resistance for high-speed performance. These servo motors are ruggedly designed and manufactured for reliable performance.

Performance Benefits:

  • Delivers smooth and superior low speed performance, and maximum power ratings with low thermal resistance for high speed performance.
  • Maximum torque in a smaller package
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • IP65 Sealing available
  • High torque-to-inertia ratio delivers maximum torque per frame size
  • Numerous custom options available

Design Features:

  • Latest in high performance permanent magnet technology, and are available in eight standard windings as well as custom windings
  • Motors can be customised to fit your exact application with tachometers, encoders, brakes and other options.
  • Specialised machinery designs can install or retrofit servomotor with little or no restrictions
  • Multiple configurations accommodate flexible design considerations
  • Performance enhancement and feature convenience that allows Torque Systems motors to be incorporated into a broader range of


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