AKM Low Voltage Motors

AKM low-voltage motors have been introduced offering high-performance, low-voltage windings intended for operation from 24 or 48 Volts. With this development, the benefits of the AKM range’s energy efficiency, durability, power density and overload capability have been transferred to the low-voltage world.

AKM low-voltage servo motors are ideal for upgrading existing systems as a result of their compact design, and they allow space-saving machine modules to be installed with independent intelligence. The low-voltage AKM motors are designed for rated powers of 300 W with a supply current of 6A but can handle peaks up to 15 A for a short period to deal with the demands of high acceleration and deceleration rates. The high peak current means the drive system has a more efficient design without oversizing.


  • Torque range up to 1,25 Nm (continuous) and 4,1 Nm (peak)
  • 2 voltage ranges: 24 V DC and 48 V DC
  • 3 sizes with 40-, 58- and 70-mm frame sizes
  • Rated speed range up to 2500 rpm


  • All the benefits of permanent-excited servo drives in a low-voltage environment
  • Replaces existing drives
  • Power range up to 300 W (48 V)
  • Full flexibility of the AKM range in terms of feedback systems, connectors and flange/shaft combinations

Kollmorgen AKM DC Servo Motor Low Voltage Flyer

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