Compact washdown motor offers superb performance

Compact washdown motor offers superb performance

Published On: 6 June 2014
Compact washdown motor offers superb performance

The new Kollmorgen AKMH stainless steel motors available in the UK from INMOCO of Daventry, are designed for quick and easy cleaning CIP (clean-in-place).

With 19 sizes available in multiple standard configurations, the AKMH family is suitable for many applications including replacing pneumatic and hydraulic axes with a clean, high-performing, modern servo motor solution.

The idea behind the AKMH is to increase productivity by reducing cleaning times. They have no corners or crevices where dirt could collect. Further, all edges of the stainless steel round housing have a radius of R1.5 to prevent dirt deposits. The surface is ultra-smooth, with a roughness of less than 0,8ìm.

They have been designed for hygienic duties and conform to Machine Directive 2006/42/EC 3A hygiene standards, while lubricant and seals adhere to FDA standards. Being washdown-ready, there is no need to fit waterproof covers, even when using 100bar high pressure water.

All necessary wiring is achieved with a single waterproof cable, which includes power supply and digital feedback for digital resolvers SFD and Hiperface DSL, etc.

Innovations in the design of the actual motor have produced superior efficiency, with torque derating less than 20 percent. The speed is high, up to 8,000rpm, and higher when fitted with a gearhead.

The smallest motor in the AKMH family is 74mm diameter; the largest is 186mm. The power range is from 0.2kW to 5.5kW; continuous torque output varies from 0.4Nm to 21Nm, peak torque is up to 79Nm. As well as the 19 sizes, there are two housing designs, providing front or flange mounting.

Options include a digital resolver, a brake unit, and cable lengths up to 15m. Air pressure compensation concept is intrinsic within the design of the motor.

These motors are easy to maintain, and can withstand frequent intensive CIP, so should lead to increased productivity. They are particularly suited to applications in the food and beverage industries, for packaging applications and for use with medical devices.


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