Direct drive motors with zero cogging enable smooth control

Direct drive motors with zero cogging enable smooth control

Published On: 24 March 2020
Direct drive motors with zero cogging enable smooth control

Zero cogging direct drive motors are providing smooth motion control for OEMs of scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting machines. In the UK, INMOCO is distributing Celera Motion’s Agility Series compact frameless motors. These motors achieve high accuracy, continuous motion profiles that are required in medical, scientific, industrial and microelectronic applications.

Agility Series brushless motors deliver zero cogging, low torque ripple, and minimal vibration, which creates smooth velocity control and high accuracy positioning. Featuring a slotless profile, this removes the cogging jerk associated with slotted motors and instead, provides highly controlled torque flow. Agility Series’ magnetic design also removes peaks in torque and generates less than 2% torque ripple, creating a smooth motion profile, particularly evident at slower speeds. This makes the Agility Series highly suited for applications requiring high accuracy at lower speed continuous torque, such as cutting.

The Celera Motion Agility Series also features high mechanical stiffness and low rotor inertia. In combination with the design of the windings and the motor’s lower torque ripple, the Agility Series provides accurate control of high dynamic axes for peak-duty applications.

With a high torque density and a low-profile design, the Agility Series is available in a variety of form factors, starting at 19mm outside stator diameter. The reduced dimension design of the frameless motors enables development of a small overall machine footprint with tight integration for compact, lightweight, precision assemblies. The motor design also features a large through hole for cable routing, enabling fast and simple installation and machine build.

Celera Motion, supported in the UK by INMOCO, also works closely with OEMs on bespoke projects. Support ranges from motor customisation, including windings and form factors, through development of a complete mechatronic system with encoders, servo drives, and associated motion control technology. In-depth design consultation is available with INMOCO’s engineers, who integrate with Celera Motion’s applications team for solution development.

The Agility Series generates between 0.041 Nm and 15.10 Nm continuous torque and peak torque from 0.123 Nm to 45.29 Nm. The motor series is also compatible with a wide range of drives and controllers.


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