Infinity™ Series Motors

The Infinity Series enables OEMs to move light payloads in smooth and accurate arc-shaped and full 360-degree rotary motion profiles. Ultra-thin arc-shaped motor segments can be used individually or interconnected to create exact partial arc segment motion or full 360-degree rotary motion. Modular construction allows for virtually unlimited diameter and large through holes. This level of flexibility is not possible with conventional motor designs.

  • Ultra-low profile, lightweight construction
  • Modular design easily configured into a partial arc segment or full 360-degree rotary motion
  • Virtually unlimited diameter possible for rotation of payloads or convenient routing of cables, optics, sensing technologies, and other system elements
  • Smooth, accurate motion
  • Easy integration into system design
  • Compatible with a wide range of drives and controllers
  • Custom windings and form factors available to meet application requirements

Specifications of Infinity Series – ARC

Configuration Axial arc-segment forcers
Continuous Torque 0.65 to 63Nm
Peak Torque 1.95 to 190Nm
Outer Diameter 112 to 765mm
Height (Axial Length) 20 to 40mm
Peak Current 3.4 to 6.6 Amps

Infinity Motors Data Sheet