Micro Tape Encoder

The Micro Tape Encoder (MTE) is MicroE Systems’ latest tape scale product offering. Their patented optical detector design allows the MTE series of encoders to offer the small sensor size and industry-leading alignment tolerances that are expected from MicroE Systems with the added benefits of a status tri-colour LED in the sensor and the convenience and ease of installation of a metal tape scale.
The tri-colour status LED provides installation guidance without the need for external alignment tools or oscilloscopes and an active system health signal that the customer can monitor in operation. The MTE encoder is available in factory-set resolutions of 5µm, 2.5µm, or 1µm.


Resolution 5μm, 2.5μm, 1μm
Linearity Tape Scale:  ≤±10µm over 1m
Outputs A-quad-B, Index Window, Alarm
Scale Pitch 20μm
Power Consumption Terminated: <135mA
Unterminated: <80mA


Choose from the models listed below


MTE Encoder Specifications
MTE-20 Encoder

– 1μm resolution, Linear up to 7.2 m/s

MTE-8 Encoder

– 2.5µm resolution, Linear up to 7.2 m/s

MTE-4 Encoder

– 5.0µm resolution, Linear up to 7.2 m/s

MicroTape Encoder Datasheet

MicroTape Encoder Interface Drawings

MicroTape Encoder Scale Installation

MicroTape Encoder Sensor Installation

MicroTape Encoder CE Certificate