The miniature surface mount ChipEncoder is a reflective optical encoder that makes high-accuracy motion feedback feasible where it would have been physically impossible or simply too costly. It is cost-effective for OEMs with volumes of 500 or more per year, and has all the benefits of an integrated circuit: chip-sized packaging, cost savings through integration with customer electronics, and compatibility with automated manufacturing equipment. Plus, the ChipEncoder is RoHS compliant.

The ChipEncoder measures just 7mm by 11mm, so it fits in spaces too tight for any other encoder. It has up to 1000 times more resolution than competitive devices: 3,000 to 327,000 quadrature counts per revolution or 10 microns to 1 micron per quadrature count (2,500 to 25,000 quadrature counts per inch). Plus, its three-channel differential output includes an index. Finally, one model works in both linear and rotary designs.

You’ll enjoy flexibility, as well. Designed for automated manufacturing, the ChipEncoder is compatible with pick and place and solder reflow systems. Most importantly, it requires no alignment following final assembly. So, if you need higher resolution, lower manufacturing costs, or you simply have to add low-cost motion control, the ChipEncoder is your best solution.

For higher performance – up to 67 Million counts – or an EMI shielded encoder with a cable and connector, consider miniature Mercury encoders; for applications requiring cut-to-length tape scales or the highest resolution and accuracy, consider Mercury II encoders.

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