CTCopc™ Server Software

CTCopc™ Server Software is an OPC-compliant server application that provides high-speed data interchange between OPC clients and CTC controllers.

CTCopc conforms to the first three revisions, namely the 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 OPC-DA standards. Through the use of the CTCopc client, applications have complete read-and-write access to all the controller’s resources including registers, digital I/O, analogue I/O, and flags. The server supports simultaneous access to multiple CTC controllers and there are no tag limits. With its familiar explorer-style interface, CTCopc is quick and easy to set up and maintain.

By using OPC technology, users can avoid using custom, single-vendor application programming interfaces (APIs) and drivers that are traditionally required for exchanging data between factory-floor devices and the enterprise.

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