Incentive™ Software

Incentive™ Software components run on standard PC hardware and create a powerful and extensible control system for your automation project.  The three primary members of this family are:


A fast, multitasking controller offering powerful constructs to quickly implement a control program.  IncentivePLC is programmed using the QuickBuilder programming environment, which can run either locally or on a remote system.  For more information, refer to the QuickBuilder page.


This library of high-level automation functions lets your code, written in C#, C++ or VB.Net, interact with your IncentivePLC control program or directly with external sensors and actuators via IncentiveECAT.  For more information, download the IncentiveAPI help file, which contains a full description of the objects and methods available via the API, along with usage examples in various languages.


A software-based EtherCAT master controller, IncentiveECAT runs on one core of your multicore PC platform and uses a standard Ethernet port to communicate with up to 64 servo axes or a combination of motion drives and I/O.  Use it in conjunction with IncentiveAPI to give your code easy access to controlling the physical world, or add IncentivePLC to build a complete PC-based control system.

Incentive™ Software Datasheet