2700 Automation Controller

The 2700 Series Automation Controller is a high-performance control system that accepts a wide range of plug-in modules to accommodate specific applications.

These controllers integrate machine sequencing, motion control, networking and analog data acquisition into a single control strategy. Discrete devices can be programmed independently during preliminary stages of the project and then combined with other devices at later stages, which simplifies troubleshooting and accelerates development.

Supplied in an easily panel-mountable format, the 2700 Series accepts modules for every aspect of motion, digital and analog control, with additional modules for advanced serial, Ethernet and DeviceNet communications. Supported protocols include TCP/IP, UDP, and Modbus/TCP.

The 2700 Series Automation Controller uses powerful, flexible communications avenues to integrate with other devices such as robots, which may have their own control programs.

  • Integrates machine sequencing, motion control, networking and analog data acquisition
  • Easy programming
  • Serial, Ethernet, DeviceNet communications
  • Performance exceeds that of more costly controllers
  • Up to 84 concurrent tasks

The 2700 uses advanced technology, including a highly integrated plug-in CPU, to attain performance that exceeds the response metrics of much more costly systems. This performance level, combined with the controller’s 128K user memory capacity and extended I/O and step capacities, makes the 2700 Series appropriate for any application that demands ultra fast response times or realtime, multitasking machine control.

A multi-processor architecture distributes the workload, thereby increasing system performance. Multitasking for up to 84 independent tasks and advanced motion control commands enable you to design sophisticated solutions for the most complex applications.

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