IMA Food Grade Actuator

The IMA food-grade servo linear actuator offers sanitary protection in wash-down applications.

IMA food-grade servo actuators offer a white epoxy food-grade coating, food grade grease and are available with stainless-steel fasteners, rods and rod ends. Using the same integrated servo motor design as IMA servo linear actuators they offer a compact footprint.  Available in both ball and roller screw configurations, IMA food-grade servo actuators provide forces up to 30.6 kN (6875 lbf) even in high-duty cycle applications. The standard servo motor is available with many feedback options to integrate with most servo drives.

Supports Third Party Drive Integration

The integrated motor products (IMA & IMAS) from Tolomatic support integration with a wide range of manufacturers’ servo drives.  Check back often to the Drive Integration Resources page as they continue to add supporting documentation and motor files.  Tolomatic also supports seamless integration with Rockwell Automation through the use of approved custom motor files (CMF) and as a Technology and Encompass partner.  See their Tech Notes on using the CMF import tool and interfacing the IMA actuator and absolute encoder with Rockwell Automation servo drives.

Get sanitary protection and long service life with IMA food-grade servo actuators

Tolomatic’s patented re-lubrication design offers easy re-lubrication with food-grade grease and does not require disassembly for reduced maintenance.

The IMA food-grade servo actuator design eliminates:

  • Contamination from air or oil
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Forced air or water cooling
  • Need for multiple vendors
  • Unneeded assembly labour
  • Motor couplings, adapters, timing belts and gearboxes


IMA-WP Max Stroke

Size IMA-WP 22 IMA-WP 33 IMA-WP 44 IMA-WP 55
Standard 12 in. 18 in. 18 in. 18 in.
Metric 305 mm 457 mm 457 mm 457 mm

IMA-WP Max Force

Size IMA-WP 22 IMA-WP 33 IMA-WP 44 IMA-WP 55
Standard 325 lbf 2,500 lbf 4,000 lbf 6,875 lbf
Metric 1.45 kN 11.1 kN 17.8 kN 30.6 kN

IMA-WP Max Speed

Size IMA-WP 22 IMA-WP 33 IMA-WP 44 IMA-WP 55
Standard 28 in/sec 48 in/sec 52.5 in/sec 31.4 in/sec
Metric 711 mm/sec 1,219 mm/sec 1,334 mm/sec 787 mm/sec


IMA Foodgrade Servo Actuator Brochure

Third Party Drive Integration