ERD Electric Cylinders

ERD electric cylinders are the perfect low-cost alternative to pneumatic cylinders for automating manual processes.

The ERD is an economical electric cylinder and is compatible with many metric and NEMA mount servo and stepper motors to create a powerful, flexible yet cost-effective electric cylinder solution over traditional pneumatic cylinders.

ERD Electric Cylinder Features

Perfect for diverting, sorting, gating and product change overs, ERD electric cylinders offer these features:

  • 3 body sizes
  • Ball and acme screw choices
  • Force/thrust capabilities up to 2.2kN (500 lbf)
  • Stroke lengths up to 610mm (24 inches)
  • Guide and anti-rotate options
  • IP67 and IP69K options
  • All stainless steel body options
  • Servo and stepper drive/controller and motor solutions

For longer stroke and higher thrust requirements please consider the RSH hygienic actuator products.

ERD Max Stroke

Size ERD 10 ERD 15 ERD 20
Standard 10 in. 24 in. 24 in.
Metric 254 mm 609 mm 609 mm

ERD Max Force

Size ERD 10 ERD 15 ERD 20
Standard 100 lbf 200 lbf 500 lbf
Metric 445 N 890 N 2,224 N

ERD Max Speed

Size ERD 10 ERD 15 ERD 20
Standard 40 in/sec 40 in/sec 38 in/sec
Metric 1,016 mm/sec 1,016 mm/sec 965 mm/sec

ERD Rod-style Actuator Catalogue