Juno® Motor Control IC

The Juno® Velocity and Torque Motion ICs deliver impressive power and precise, four-quadrant current control for BLDC, brushed DC, and stepper motors. Designed for next-generation servo motor applications in medical, scientific, liquid pumping, and industrial applications.

The Juno® family delivers precise ramp-up and ramp-down, field-oriented control, and smooth, quiet motor operation over a wide range of operating conditions. Eliminating the need for homegrown multicomponent solutions, Juno ICs are easy to deploy with pre-programmed motion commands and onboard safety and performance-monitoring intelligence-including communication monitoring, over- and under-voltage, overtemperature, overcurrent, and current integration limits.


  • High-performance digital current control
  • Velocity loop with encoder or tachometer feedback
  • Internal profile generator and estimator
  • Sinusoidal or 6-step commutation
  • Direct analogue signal input
  • Point-to-point and multidrop Serial up to 416 kBaud
  • CANbus 2.0B
  • SPI common input
  • Onboard NVRAM for custom configuration

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