LC1600 Lifting Columns

The new LC1600 Lifting Column from Thomson Linear is an ideal linear motion solution for applications requiring light weight and a low noise factor.

Optimised for cost-sensitive applications where extension-to-retraction ratios are not as critical, the LC1600 features a two-piece extrusion with 1600 N loading capacity and Thomson’s Whispertrak™ drive technology for extremely smooth and quiet operation.

The LC1600 units come with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation as standard and require zero maintenance once installed.

To protect your valuable equipment and the surrounding environment units are offered with Electronic limit switches and mid-stroke protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Self supporting column in anodised extruded aluminium
  • Low weight and extremely quiet operation
  • Thomson Whispertrak™ drive technology
  • High load torque capability
  • Maintenance free
  • Dynamic braking and load holding brake
  • Electronic limit switches and mid-stroke protection


Performance Specifications

Parameter LC1600
Maximum load: N (lbf) 1600 (360)
Maximum load torque, dynamic / static: Nm (lbf – in) 200 / 500 (1,770 / 4,425)
Speed, at no load / at maximum load: mm/s (in/s) 11 / 6.5 (0.43 / 0.26)
Available input voltages: VDC 24
Standard stroke lengths (S): mm (in) 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 (8, 10, 12, 14, 16)
Operating temperature limits: °C (°F) 0 to +40 (32 to 104)
Full load duty cycle @ 20 °C (68 °F): % 10
Maximum on time: s 60
Maximum sound level: dB 45
Lead cross section: mm2 (in2) 1.5 (0.0023)
Standard cable length: mm (in)
LX version
NX and NE versions
900 (35.4)
1900 (75)
Protection class IP44

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